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Black Owned Business Entrepreneur Launches the Uber of Mobile Barbering

Black Owned Business Entrepreneur Launches the Uber of Mobile Barbering

Black-Owned Mobile Barber Shop is being called the Uber for HairCuts.

by Coach Lee

Our society today desires services that are fast, convenient and on-demand. This fact has been proven in emerging industries from transportation to fast food.

Companies like Uber, Lyft, Postmates and Grubhub have been capitalizing on serving the on-demand convenience many consumers so desperately crave.

Likewise, a 24-year old entrepreneur from England named Darren Tenkorang, created a business model he thought would be of tremendous value to local men, by deploying the same business model as Uber, Lyft and Grub Hub but for male grooming. Darren co-founded Trim-It, a full service barber-shop-on-wheels, which is available for on-demand service via a mobile app. So pretty much just like Lyft, GrubHub and Uber a consumer in need of a hair cut and male grooming services can simply pull out their phone and book service right on the Trim-It mobile app.

“The new generation, like me, just want a trim and to get on with their day,” Darren told BBC. “We live our life fast-paced.”

Darren grew up loving his trips to the barbershop with his father, where they enjoyed hours entertainment and witty banter. As he grew he began to greatly value his grooming and realized that so many other men did as well. So armed with the $13,000 prize winnings from the “Start Up Sussex” enterprise competition for student entrepreneurs he partnered with fellow contestant Nana Darko, to make his idea into a working App and named it Trim It.

Darren and Nana diligently recruited local barbers and launched the TrimIt app which became and instant hit. TrimIt began to become inunadated with booking request from local men desiring on-demand mobile grooming services. Everything was off to a great start until the normal growing pains of any rapid growth enterprise presented new challenges. Negative reviews due to their newly contracted barbers showing up to appointments late and not delivering the quality of service the consumers expected took a tole on the revenue of TrimIt and they eventually ran out of money.

So, as good entrepreneurs do our brilliant black entrepreneurs revamped their business model adding new vans and new barbers. Additionally, they raised another round of funding from family and friends to get the business back on track.

Consequently, they began to thrive again and thrive big, due in large part to the power of word-of-mouth. TrimIt began to serve lots of men eager to try the app and use the service. The majority of their new customers were primarily young, Black millennials and urban professionals. Eventually, TrimIt also began to attract celebrity customers such as musicians Charlie Sloth and Sneakbo. As a result, Darren and Nana began to attract more high net worth investors ready to ride the wave of TrimIt’s success. TrimIt eventually raised a six figure sum and is now on it’s way to changing the way black men do the Barbershop forever.