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How to create an event?

How to create an event?

Ready to create an event that will reach the world?

One of the most Awesome features of being a Blax Gold or Platinum Member is the ability to create custom Event listings that are vibrant and highly customizable so that everyone knows about what you’ve got happening!

Get the benefit of the reach and influence of working in your favor to make sure that thousands of people see your event listing and come to support your next incredible event.

Simply log in to blax and look in the left-hand menu column for the events tab. Next to the events tab is an arrow that will reveal several more links once clicked. Scroll down to the first link entitled “Create Event”.

Next Click Create Event and you’ll be taken to the event creation page. Simply fill in all of the fields starting with the Event title and go down the page being sure to fill in every field.

Now keep in mind that when you get down to the Event Description box remember that this is a full WYSIWYG editor with the option to tab over to the HTML function which lets you embed video, additional links or whatever you can possibly imagine to make your event listing really pop!

Also, be sure to set accurate start and end times using the pop-up calendar and the time slider to make certain the world knows exactly when your event is taking place!

Be sure to add lots of pictures to the gallery so the world gets a great feel for what the event is going to be like. Remember the old saying….”A Picture is worth a thousand words”.

Ok So Get going creating your next Awesome event listing!

Coach Lee


REMINDER: The Ability to create events is Reserved for Gold and Platinum Memberships…UPGRADE NOW!