black owned magazine tablet mockupBlackOwned Magazine is a digital magazine and media platform created to serve as a Roadmap to Wealth and Legacy for Black Entrepreneurs.

BlackOwned Magazine and it’s subsidiary media platforms exist to become the catalyst and conduit for creating financial freedom through entrepreneurship for black people worldwide.   We have created a unique, yet extremely powerful publishing hybrid that combines education, information, entertainment, motivation, inspiration, resource and connectivity to foster the most actionable content available to our target audience anywhere on the planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve this underserved community while serving the world at large.  For far too long, black people globally has languished behind and have existed in a subservient position because of financial bondage.  The time has come for this condition to change.

As a result, we have purposed to deliver our unique brand of actionable content in a digital form that will allow our readers to access our content on the go and on any device they have access to.  Our aim is to allow our readers and users the immediacy of contact so that they can grow and know on the go.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our unique hybrid brand of actionable content to black entrepreneurs worldwide so that within 3 years BlackOwned Magazine will be available and in daily use on every device of black entrepreneurs globally.  We purpose to inspire millions of around the world to give birth to an entrepreneurial spirit and to bring into being new ventures to create wealth for themselves and a legacy for their family’s future.  We work to awaken the truth that many have known for centuries; that is the knowledge of the power to control their own destiny lies within their own hearts and minds.

The Startup Revolution has begun

Unquestionably, the world is in the beginning of a StartUp revolution where the world is shifting away from a W2 world to a 1099 world.  The world is shifting away from the domination of big corporations to the control of innovative, “scrappy” new StartUps.  Entrepreneurship is creating a wave of wealth and financial freedom the world has never experienced before in history.  Wealth is being transferred and created at record-breaking speeds as technology opens access to new products, services, and solutions.

We will make it our business to make sure that black entrepreneurs get in on the revolution and get their share of this unprecedented wealth, such that future generations will look back and mark this time as the time of the turnaround for black wealth on the planet.

Welcome to the Financial Revolution!

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